*(Fluid Kinetic Organ, 2009-2010)


>>Water is a wet flame.<< Novalis

A black fluid surrounded by a clear liquid pulsates in the middle of the first imaginary organ, the inner and outer space connected to each other like a nested Klein bottle. A golden coil below the organ generates an electromagnetic field, which triggers movement in the black fluid. Like the organ of an imaginary creature, or a wet black flame, the pulse is irregular, appearing weak now and then, or at times nervous as if there are certain disorders. On the wall is another imaginary organ in the form of a long, branched glass tube, under which has also several magnetic coils and it let levitate the cylindrical magnet freely in the air. Again, the black fluid reacts to the magnetic field in irregular waves and intermittent turbulences. As if a black bile in an imaginary organ or a fictional device in a fluid dynamics laboratory, the organ produces a flow, which does not exist in the nature – abnormal flow. Futhermore, the heat produced by the coil causes the circulation of clear liquid to cool itself down. The organ itself produces symptoms and receives diagnoses at the same time. It has multiple senses (temperature and hall sensors) and seems to communicate with the other organ; when multiple coils are activated simultaneously, the pulse of the first organ reacts more intensely.

Epiphora” is an imaginary organ, which presents the >>abnormal overflow<< as a symptom and it means, etymologically, ‘unstoppable tears’; as a fictional pathology and fluid dynamic. First of all, the observer tries to diagnose “Epiphora” not only psychologically but also physically involved. Because of in this work, the organs act as embodying metaphor and as symptom generator. The property of the fluid, which can be changed by electromagnetic field between amorphous and metamorphic state, makes possible to create this ambivalent level, where metaphor (symbolic level) and symptom (physical level) appear simultaneously. This is caused not only by phenomenon of fluid’s form kinetic movement, but also by matter itself. The black fluid is a final material of this work as well as it is a trace of different matters from chemical processes, which are appeared and disappeared during its production. Thus, the chemical and physical substance and phenomenon such as nanoparticles, magnetization, surfactant, chemical solution, evaporation, saturation and specific gravity etc., transformed to clue which can evoke unique materiality for the observer. Therefore it necessarily requires the new materiality, which makes possible to materialize such imagination. The black fluid is developed for it. It is a kind of modified ferrofluid and its property is different from typical one, which is determined mainly by the specific gravity from the saturation of nanoparticles and surfactant. Thus the black fluid forms own shape by electromagnetic field and rising in another liquid – like a flame.

>> The fire is lack of saturation. << Heraclitus

The resulting phenomenon and epiphenomenon create a physical reality that is in  fact based on imagination. Epiphora is situated at pataphysical level at which metaphors and symbols are no longer  captured in real objects. When a material doesn’t severe its own solid form,  but produces as an evocative subject its materiality, then the observer experiences,  like Morpheus, the god of dreams, a new reality in an imaginary state in which space and time are merged. Epiphora flows, desires, suffers, transforms and imagines symptomatically and is  melancholy in the sense of a black(melas) liquid(Cholé).


Yunchul Kim Yunchul Kim Yunchul Kim Yunchul Kim Yunchul Kim Yunchul KimYunchul Kim Yunchul Kim