Yunchul Kim

PLENUM : “non being as fullness”

“Triaxial Pillars” is an amorphous  fluidic sphere which shows unique fluid dynamic and optical phenomenon. The fluid inside the tube is a kind of fluid-filled Metamaterials and its structure is controllable by electromagnetic field. It has particular properties as if its state of matter is varying form solid to liquid and vice versa. This artificial and engineered materiality makes possible to perceive this phenomenon  totally different way but paradoxically it makes us remind of pure imagination on nature. Actually the flowing nano particles in “Triaxial Pillars” are physically similar as being formed nebula and debris disk in interstellar like Decartes’ hypotheses “Plenum”; he imagined that the space between planets is filled with materials. In “Triaxial Pillars” the states of matter and dimension and scale of time and space is liquidized and diffracted in amorphous imaginary sphere with own materiality which is being formed to re-enter world of pataphor (metaphor of metaphor).

The three cylindrical glass tubes are filled with own developed photonic-crystal-fluid and inside of the tube an electromagnetic field generator is equipped. This fluid contains nanosized paramagnetic particles which mixed with different metal particles. These particles react with electro magnetic field therefore they flow inside of the fluid and build own structures depending on the force of being generated electro magnetic filed. At the same time it makes possible to diffract the light wave; the gap between particles is functioned like light gate. This gives rise to distinct optical phenomenon. The electromagnetic field generator, attached magnetometer, motor and air pump for agitation of fluid are controlled in real-time by computer algorithm.

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